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Name: Gary Pilarchik

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This channel is dedicated to tomato and vegetable gardening. I try and make my videos short and to the point. I blog and make HD videos about all aspects of vegetable gardening from seed starting to harvesting. I also give you some tools and ideas to battle garden pests and diseases. And... ways to cook and use your vegetables. Grilled tomatoes anyone? I have nearly 600 garden videos between two channels. Keyword search the vegetable garden topic that interests you most if you don't see a video! I also have a blog called The Rusted Vegetable Garden that is very active and full of pictures. If you want to meet gardeners from around the world check out my Google+ Gardening Communities below like My Tomato and Vegetable Garden. Dig around! Join my groups to learn and for quick garden Q & A. I plan to Vlog and Blog the entire Gardening Season - every year!

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